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Monday, 26 February 2018

Kabangwe Creative Initiative Association: MALE PARTICIPATION IN SRH -HIV AWARENESS

Kabangwe Creative Initiative Association: MALE PARTICIPATION IN SRH -HIV AWARENESS: Provision of correct and up to date Sexual reproductive health information promotes access to and uptake of HIV services. Men are taking act...


Provision of correct and up to date Sexual reproductive health information promotes access to and uptake of HIV services. Men are taking action especially after being engaged on various matters where they share experiences. HIV counselling and testing is offered and the uptake is always encouraging....
The interesting part is that our community sessions are basically demand driven. This is because the target audience is usually consulted on what topics or issues should be discussed of course in line with our project focus and this has helped to lay a foundation of sustainability. Those who need further services are then referred to either Chazanga, Shifwankula clinic or another clinic of their choice. 
Responding to a question from a participant

Community facilitators engaging participants

Comments & suggestions from participants are always welcome

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Peers To Zero Zambia Local Forum (P2Z Forum)

The P2Z Local Forum took place from 6th -8th June 2017 at Protea Hotel in Lusaka, Zambia. The focus of the forum was on healthcare provider sensitization as well as Peer supporters involved in the REACH project. The Peers to Zero healthcare provider sensitization training engaged health providers and peer supporters to promote adolescent-friendly services, and empower adolescents to advocate for the services they want and need
The objectives of the forum were as follows: 
1.      To improve healthcare provider sensitivity and orientation towards adolescents and young people living with HIV (AYPLHIV)
2.      To promote adolescent-friendly health services
3.      To promote engagement with AYPLHIV
4.      To develop adolescent friendly quality improvement plans

The clinics which participated in the local forum included: Chazanga, Chikupi, Estates and Kafue District Hospital. As one of the partners implementing the REACH project, KCIA was in attendance. 

Monday, 12 December 2016


The 2016 C3 Continental Summit was held in Entebbe, Uganda from the 5th -7th December. A total of 36 teams from 9 different countries converged to share lessons learnt. The teams were from Ethiopia, DRC, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Senegal and Uganda. Others were Nigeria, Kenya and Zambia.
The summit this time around focused on sharing experiences of the C3 programme (Clinic-CBO Collaboration), learn about others working in the field and plans ways forward. Facilities and community-based organisations (CBOs) continue to operate in silos due to limited structural mechanisms that effectively facilitate and coordinate meaningful engagement between them.
It is against this background that PATA in partnership with the Positive Action for Children Fund partnered to facilitate this process which culminated in the holding of this summit.
The summit was officially opened by Dr Cordelia from the Ministry of Health, Uganda on the 5th of December 2016. Thereafter, summit overview was given by Luan Hatane which was followed by presentations/ session chaired by Dominic Kemps from the Positive Action for Children Fund.

Overally all the teams interacted very well and shared experiences and the way forward was made.
KCIA and Chazanga clinic had a chance to make a presentation as well as a panel discussion as a C3 sportlight project. It was such an honour to have been given such an opportunity among the many projects across the nine countries.

The team therefore wishes once again to thank the organiser for giving us such a great opportunity.Representatives included: Frederick Lizubuho, Maureen Tembo and Eugene Mupakile.  
Eugene making a presentation
Presentation in progress

Thursday, 10 November 2016

POSITIVE ACTION FOR CHILDREN FUND Site visit to KCIA with SAT Zambia and other PACF Zambia Partners

On Friday 25-11-2016, Dominic and Carly from PACF UK, Mr Ngwenya and Theresa from SAT Zambia accompanied by Mapalo & Chipuluku Clinic, PRICHO & Kafue Estates Clinic, CARITAS & Lukola clinic visited Kabangwe Creative Initiative Association and it's partner clinic.
The purpose of the visit was to understand and appreciate how Technical Assistance has benefitted KCIA in terms of programming as well as how it has impacted on programming.
KCIA shared how it has developed and operationalized a number of Documents. The team also had a chance to  listen to beneficiaries and interacted with them through questions and comments.
To wind up the visit, the team proceeded to Chazanga clinic to learn how the CBO and the clinic are working together. Chazanga clinic highlighted how the two have been planning, implementing and evaluating together based on each other's strengths and weaknesses.
Based on feedback provided by the visiting team, it was a great learning experience for both the host team and the visitors.
Thanks a lot to the Positive Action for Children Fund, SAT Zambia and all the partners who were present.
KCIA Program Officer introducing the beneficiaries to the team

A nurse shares how Chazanga clinic & KCIA collaborates

Question & answer time

Dominic seeking clarity on impact on programming on eMTCT

Group Photo at Chazanga Clinic

Saturday, 22 October 2016


KCIA was privileged to attend the 21st International AIDS Conference which was held in Durban, South Africa from 18th to 22nd July 2016. The 2016 conference was held under the Theme"ACCESS EQUITY RIGHTS NOW". Prior to the main conference, a collaborathon took place,  a Pre-conference event hosted by the Positive Action for Children Fund for its partners and other funders across the globe. We are proud to have interacted with like minded organizations, experts and activists from different backgrounds.
KCIA participated in two high level panel discussions with speakers from UNICEF, PATA, PACF UNAIDS, GLOBAL FUND to mention just a few.
KCIA wishes to acknowledge some of the many amazing individuals for their unwavering support before, during and after the conference: Dr. Danilella Mark, Dominc Kemps, Luann Hatane, Carly Davies, Lebo Montewa, Lina Tiang, Glynis and Heleen Soeters.
We also wish to thank our fellow Zambian colLeagues from PRIDE, PLAEP and SAT Zambia.

Our BIG thanks go to Positive Action for Children Fund and Paediatric AIDS Treatment for Africa for the Financial, Technical, Material and Moral support which made it possible for KCIA to attend this important event
Eugene making presentation at the AIDS2016

Dr Daniella and Lebo from PATA

Dominic making an announcement on collaborathon outcome 

Eugene & Kenan during the poster presentation for PRIDE

Friday, 11 December 2015

KCIA Attends PEPfar Zambia champions award ceremony

Kabangwe Creative Initiative Association celebrated Human rights day on Thursday, 10th December 2015 by attending an award ceremony hosted by The U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR at Pamodzi hotel. Among the distinguished guests present was the United States ambassador to Zambia Eric Shultz and minister of youth and sport Vincent Mwale. In his speech, Vincent Mwale spoke briefly about the national aids strategic framework and the gender equity bill adding that the bill would give power to women to decide reproductive life.

The purpose of the PEPFAR Zambia champion’s award ceremony was to honour seven individuals that PEPFAR recognized as champions from various communities fighting against Hiv/aids.

Among the seven champions were Francis Silufumbwe who is a 16 year old activist and has been fighting against Hiv/aids since he was 10 and Esther kayombo who is passionate about discussing Hiv/aids issues in the church because of the stigma and discrimination she faced.

Sandra Mulendema- KCIA- with doctor Manasseh Phiri

Sandra Mulendema-and-Sharon Chanda from KCIA- with pepfar champion

Sandra Mulendema-with-pepfar-champion-memory-phiri

Sandra-and-Sharon-with-pepfar champion-esther-banda

Sharon Chanda-with-Vincent Mwale

PEPFAR champions